Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

When you think of your perfect lawn, what do you imagine? We’re betting it’s a lush, green lawn with no weeds in sight. That’s why we designed our fertilization and weed control program specifically to meet these goals and give you the lawn of your dreams!

Our environmentally responsible, lake-safe Fertilization and Weed Control Program consists of 7 treatments applied at the perfect time during the growing season for optimal results. These 7 applications include:

  •   Spring Starter - A dry granular spring feeding with lots of potash for spring root development that helps "wake up" turf from winter dormancy.
  •   Late Spring Developer - A proven combination of the best dry and liquid fertilizers along with the best weed control for an awesome looking lawn along with non-staining crabgrass prevention.
  •   Early Summer Beautifier - Our custom blended slow release formula will keep the lawn looking good, even under the harshest summer conditions. We’ll also take care of any unwanted weeds.
  •   Summer Protection - This critical granular fertilizer application will continue to green and thicken your turf while protecting it from the summer heat, we spot treat those pesky summer weeds with this application.
  •   Late Summer Defense - Cooler weather conditions allow us to apply a heavier feeding to your turf, which not only makes your lawn greener, it makes it stronger and more resilient.
  •   Fall Feeding - This crucial treatment will help your lawn recover from the hot and dry Michigan Summer with a heavy feeding to develop the roots.
  •   Turf Winterizer - If Michigan weather allows, this application allows the turf to store nutrients in the winter, which encourages root development an early green up the following year.

We put a lot of work into giving you a beautiful lawn, and we know you do too. Combined with proper watering and mowing, our 7-step program to designed to give your lawn the best possible treatments available.

Grub Control

White grubs, which are the larvae of Japanese and other beetles, feed on the roots of your grass and cause extensive damage to your lawn. Then come the skunks and other critters for that all-they-can eat grub buffet, tearing up your lawn even more in the process. Don’t let this happen to you!

We offer a two-step program to treat and prevent grubs.

The first application is done if there are grubs already causing damage in your lawn (grub control).

The sooner you have this treatment done once you notice grub damage, the more it will limit and prevent further damage.

Follow this up with a preventative treatment (grub prevention) in the summer to keep your lawn grub free for the whole year.

This product stays in the root system to prevent the next life cycle of grubs. We recommend this treatment once per year to save you the time and money of repairing the damage to your lawn after grubs become a problem.

Disease Control

Go Green professionals are experts at diagnosing and treating the wide range of turf diseases that affect Michigan lawns.

As these diseases can have many and varied symptoms, Go Green’s professionals dig deep to determine the exact disease that has invaded your lawn.

Often, one or more diseases are present - and it takes the trained eye and diagnostic abilities of an experienced professional to tell the difference between diseases.

Once the disease of diseases are identified, a control product will be applied to the turf, ridding your lawn of the disease. The lawn can then regain its health and return to the green, lush lawn you desire.

If you suspect that your lawn has been invaded by a disease - or even if you’re seeing symptom but are not sure - give Go Green a call. Our professionals will diagnose your problem and will prescribe the best treatment plan for your lawn.

Surface Insect Control

As with diseases in your lawn, insects can dramatically affect the health of your turf. Turf insects such cutworms, chinch bugs and billbugs are just a few examples of insects that can cause great damage to your lawn.

Often, this damage occurs incrementally - for example, after insects hatch and are eating aggressively - and so the damage can go unnoticed until it's too late.

Correctly identifying the insects responsible for the damage is critical to treating them. Go Green professionals are knowledgeable about the wide variety of insect who can invade your lawn. This is important to know, since most insects can only be treated effectively if the product is applied at the correct time in its lifecycle.

Go Green utilizes an Integrated Pest Management program to environmentally and effectively rid your lawn of harmful and damaging insects.

Call us today if you suspect that your lawn is experiencing damage from insects.

The Go Green Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will return to your property FREE of charge within 48 hours to address your concerns.

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