Here’s The Care Your Trees And Shrubs Need In The Fall

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Fall is one of the most popular times in Michigan, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s so much to look forward to football, cider mills, pumpkin-flavored everything, and getting a break from mowing the lawn until spring! But before you put away the gardening tools, you should make sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. You might think once the leaves have all been raked up, you can forget about your trees and shrubs for a few months, but that’s not the case. There are two essential applications you should have done every fall to ensure your larger plants make it through the winter: dormant oil applications and deep-root feedings.

Fall Tree Care For Michigan

Deep-Root Feeding

What Is Deep-Root Feeding?Tree trunk base with mulch and green grass

Commerce Township, and the surrounding communities, are part of metro Detroit, which means our trees and plants are subject to higher stress like low moisture, physical damage, and pollution. As a result, keeping nutrient levels in the acceptable range can be challenging. When larger ornamental plants don’t have enough minerals, they are more likely to fall victim to pest infestations and diseases. And to make matters worse, our cold winters are just around the corner. It’s a double-edged sword that creates significant challenges. Removing and replacing a dead tree can get pricey. You can avoid having to replace your trees and shrubs by giving them a helping hand in fall – and that’s where deep-root feedings come in.

Deep-root feedings are one of the most common services we perform every fall here at Go Green. Using a tool that looks like a syringe your doctor would use, your arborist will inject a high concentration of nutrients directly into the tree’s root system. This will bypass any competition from nearby plants, including turfgrass.

Benefits Of Deep-Root Feedings

There are many benefits to having deep-root feedings done.

  • The soil structure is rejuvenated. Soil can be compacted over time, especially around trees and shrubs, making it difficult for the root system to expand and grow. The injector tool will break up a big of soil when it’s inserted, which makes it easier for oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the root system.
  • Because the tree or shrub won’t have to compete with other plants, it will be able to store up all those yummy minerals for winter.
  • As the plant shifts its focus from growing leaves to strengthening its roots, deep-root feedings will help stimulate that root growth, creating a more robust and healthier foundation for your tree.
  • Your plant is more likely to survive the harsh, biting cold of Michigan’s winters and use the minerals to get a head start when spring arrives.

Signs Your Tree Or Shrub Could Use A Deep-Root Feedingtree roots

Having a deep-root feeding done every fall is what we’d advise, but if you notice either of these two signs, you should most definitely give us a call. Firstly, if you can’t penetrate the soil around your tree or shrub with a screwdriver, it’s a sure sign the soil is compacted. As stated previously, compacted soil is not good because it doesn’t give your trees room to expand their roots. Secondly, if your trees or shrubs didn’t do well this year – either looked dull or didn’t seem to grow as much – it could be a sign of lack of nutrients.

Dormant Oil Applications

What Is Dormant Oil?

Dormant oil, also referred to as horticulture oil, superior oil, or all-seasons oil, is a product sprayed on trees and shrubs to kill existing pest infestation and prevent new ones. It’s also not harmful to pollinators nor humans. Michigan apple farmers use this oil all the time. Your arborist will focus the spray on leaves and branches. Once applied, any insects on your tree will be suffocated. It also kills any eggs or larvae, so the bug reproductive cycle is halted no matter where the insects are in their development. Some common bugs that dormant oil will wipe out are aphids, caterpillar eggs, leafhoppers, scale, and mites. By applying dormant oil now – in the fall – you’ll rescue the tree from any insects that have chosen to overwinter on your plants. In addition to bugs, dormant oil has been shown to help control powdery mildew, a common fungus that plagues both trees and lawns.

Get The Best Fall Tree Care From Go Green Lawn & Tree Care

For many years, customers in Commerce Township and surrounding communities have turned to the experts at Go Green Lawn & Tree Care. Our tree and shrub care options include deep-root feedings to deliver a high dose of minerals to store up before winter, as well as dormant oil sprays to protect your plants from harmful insects. We also provide lawn care services to keep your turfgrass green and vibrant! If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment, be sure to give us a call at (248) 387-6296, or you can reach us through the contact form on our website.

You can also access our blog page to browse more articles on keeping your trees, shrubs, and lawn healthy and pest-free! We’re also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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