Mosquito Control Ideas For Your Walled Lake Home

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We are blessed here in Michigan with our incredible summers. I mean, there are endless songs talking about the wonders of an upstate summer in our state. But unfortunately, just because we have great weather most of the summer, doesn’t mean that we are immune to the most irritating part of summer of all – mosquitoes. Blood-sucking Mosquitoes are easily the most annoying thing about a Michigan summer. They can carry diseases, illnesses, and are just plain annoying when they are ruining your outdoor fun.mosquito eggs

Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the mosquito population in your very own yard. When worse comes to worst, professional control is always the best route, but try these techniques out before you get eaten alive this July.

Water Is The Enemy

It has been raining quite a bit here the last few weeks in Michigan, while it may be a little unconventional for this late in the season, it is causing lots of puddles and standing water which attracts mosquitoes. Actually, the female mosquitoes look for standing water wherever they can find it to lay their eggs. This water helps them come to life and creates an even larger problem for your yard. By checking around your home, in play structures, and drying up puddles, you can ward off female mosquitoes and keep your yard safe for your pets and children.

Use Essential Oils

If you know you are going to be outdoors for a longer period of time, consider using essential oils as a way to keep mosquitoes away from themselves and their yards. Essential oils have been used for their aromatherapy powers dating back to the 1940s, and they are known to be very effective for repelling mosquitoes in a few different ways. You can incorporate lavender, clove, lemongrass, tea tree, garlic, eucalyptus, cedar, or thyme, into your hair products, wear it as perfume, or boil the dried herbs and put it into a spray bottle to use as a bug repellant.

Utilize Bonfiresbonfire

We all know that Michigan bonfire parties are everywhere when summer comes around. Bonfires can actually be quite repelling to mosquitoes. Bonfires are usually quite smokey and emit hot air that mosquitoes hate. They are also infamous for leaving you with that burnt smell that you usually can’t get rid of for weeks. By making a bonfire the center of your outdoor gathering, you will have an easier time keeping these little pests away from you.

If you aren’t someone who loves to have a little bonfire because of the smell, you might be interested in placing candles with essential oils in them or tiki torches around your yard. This way you will be able to keep your guests safe and happy without overwhelming them with a large pit of fire. This can be especially helpful when children or the elderly are around and don’t want to be bombarded with smoke.

When all else fails, it is time to get professional mosquito control. The tips and tricks we talked about here do work, but they are all short-term options that will leave you seeing mosquitoes the next day.

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