Want A Healthier Lawn This Summer? Aerate!

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You’ve made sure to water regularly. You put down fertilizer. But your lawn still looks less-than-stellar. Does this sound familiar? If your lawn’s behavior has left you wanting to tear your hair out, we have the solution: an aeration and overseeding application. This treatment will break up the thatch in your lawn and quickly get your turfgrass on the road to better health. Here’s how.

Kickstart Your Summer Lawn Care With Aeration And Overseeding

All About Aeration

What Is Aeration?lawn aeration machine

If you’re not familiar, aeration is one of the most common lawn care services performed every year. Also known as core aeration, this process uses a specialized tool called an aerator. Your lawn care technician will remove hundreds of tiny “plugs” of soil from your lawn. Don’t worry! These plugs won’t impact the structure of your lawn, as they are quite small. The machine distributes these plugs across the surface of the grass so that they can break down and turn into mulch. By opening up hundreds or thousands of small holes, air, sunlight, water, and other essential nutrients can once again get down into the roots. That’s because all those little holes break up the thatch layer.

What Is Thatch?

Thatch is dead organic material in your lawn. Most commonly, dead blades of grass could also include other things like tree leaves, flower petals, basically anything in your yard that has broken down on the lawn. Having some thatch in your lawn is natural. If you use the mulch attachment on your mower as part of your regular lawn maintenance, for example, there will be a layer of thatch in your lawn. The problem arises when the thatch layer becomes thicker than the living grass. When thatch is too thick, it smothers your lawn. It also leads to soil compaction.

What Is Compacted Soil?

Compacted soil means that your soil is hard and compressed. It’s common to have this happen after a Michigan winter. When this happens, you should aerate to avoid a variety of problems. There are several ways soil can become compacted. Like thatch, it’s something that happens over time, but certain factors can speed things up. It’s like the oil in your car. You’ll need to change it eventually, but the more you drive, the faster you’ll run through the life of the oil.

Foot Traffic

If you have children, dogs, or other animals frequently tearing across your lawn, this will increase the rate of soil compaction. If you have a riding lawn mower, this extra weight can also speed up how quickly your lawn’s soil becomes compacted.

Leaving Heavy Objects On The Lawn

If you frequently park heavy things like motorcycles, lawn care tools, a boat, a trailer, etc., on your lawn, the pressure can compact the soil.

Soil Type

Many homes in Michigan are built on clay-heavy soil. Unfortunately, this makes your yard more prone to compaction.

What’s The Problem With Compacted Soil

Too much compaction prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching your grass’ roots. When grass can’t get water, nutrients, or air, it stresses it, making it more susceptible to harsh weather conditions, pests, and disease. Hard soil also makes it challenging or outright impossible for your turfgrass’ roots to expand and grow. The roots need to move through the soil and cling to it, or the grass will pull up easily. When soil is hardened and compacted, the roots are trapped and smothered. They need room to breathe.

How To Tell If Your Soil Is Compactedwater puddling on grass

Puddling Water

When it rains, does your backyard turn into a personal lake? When soil is compacted, the water can’t absorb naturally into the grass and down into the water table.

Water Run-off

If the water doesn’t pool in one place, you may see run-off during rain – especially if your property is on an incline.

Thinning Or Dead Grass

When grass can’t get the things it needs to grow, it will thin out and eventually die off.

You Can’t Break The Surface Of The Soil

If you can’t easily penetrate the soil, even with the help of a shovel, it’s a surefire sign of compaction.

Overseeding Your Lawn

Overseeding is often performed in conjunction with aeration to restore the dead or dying areas caused by compacted soil and thatch build-up. Also, aeration opens up the soil, and the holes make it easier for new grass seed to settle into the lawn. Overseeding is the spreading of grass seeds onto your existing lawn. It’s more affordable than sod and doesn’t require you to tear up your whole lawn and start from scratch. You could certainly do that if you wanted a fresh start.

Get Lawn Aeration From Go Green Lawn And & Tree Care

If you’re wondering: “where can I find lawn aeration near me,” wonder no more. The experts at Go Green Lawn And Tree Care have you covered. We service communities surrounding Novi, Michigan, including West Bloomfield, Waterford, Milford, Canton, Brighton, and more. Our aeration and overseeding program will simultaneously break up the thatch in your lawn to restore its ability to absorb nutrients, as well as repair thin or damaged grass. In addition to aeration and overseeding, we also offer a multi-step lawn fertilizing program that will nurture your turfgrass all year long. Call (248) 387-6296 or leave us a message online! Our team is happy to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and get your lawn on the road back to perfect health.

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