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December 7, 2020
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February 15, 2021
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By now, it is highly likely that the entire state of Michigan is covered in snow – including your yard. While the whole “out of sight, out of mind” concept is pretty common, that should never be the case when it comes to your turf and the diseases it can face in the winter. Just because your lawn is covered in snow or is repeatedly melting and snowing, doesn’t mean there are no risks for lawn diseases. Even when you live in a cold area like Southeast Michigan, there is always something to be on the lookout for to ensure your turf stays healthy.

The turf in the Mid West area can go through a lot of stress with the weather changing up on us whenever it feels like it. One day it could be 50 degrees and partly sunny, and the next it could be negative 5 degrees with a blizzard on the way. Even in January. Go Green Lawn and Tree Care is here to warn our clients about the following lawn diseases that can come with the cool-snow moldseason weather:

Snow Mold

This type of disease is actually describing a group of four diseases that form together when the snow that has been sitting on your lawn for months begins to melt. The four diseases that Snow Mold encompasses are Microdochium patch, Typhula blight, Coprinus snow mold, and snow scald. They are separated because they don’t necessarily always show up together, but are most often found this way. Places Snow Mold can be found is really anywhere that has a dampened environment for a prolonged period of time. So that means under fresh snow or snowfall that has been played on and is now stilling half-frozen on your turf for a few months.

Brown Patch

This disease is pretty common, no matter the weather. But Brown Patch Fungus can be accentuated when the weather is cool and damp – so most often when the snow is melting. When spotting Brown Patch, look for large, circular patches of what seems to be dead grass. These circles can be anywhere from one foot to nine feet in diameter. In the winter, it is most likely that the leaves of your turf will turn yellow and brown, indicating that they are being affected by the fungus.

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At Go Green Lawn Care, our local technicians have years of experience dealing with lawn diseases in Southeast Michigan. We have the knowledge and equipment to take care of the Brown Patch Fungus, Snow Mold, and many others as well. Our lawn care program is designed to give your yard the nutrients it needs while protecting it from lawn diseases and other lawn care issues.

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