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November 16, 2020
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January 18, 2021

Michigan is covered in mostly greenery. We are not exaggerating either – 53% of the mitten state is covered in the forest according to Michigan’s official website. And although our state is generally covered in a winter wonderland of snow, there are plenty of trees that look beautiful throughout the entire year. Winter can strip trees of their foliage, but there are many trees in the mitten that were made to stand out in the snow.

The winter weather can keep you feeling cooped up and feeling a little trapped when it comes to staying in your home all winter. By getting outdoors, you will do wonders for your metal and physical health – even if its when you are all bundled up and only for a few minutes or so. When you want to get out of the house during this pandemic and the below zero weather, you can take a walk through one of Michigan’s parks or even just down your own street, you can enjoy some of the following trees:

The Winter Berry

Whether you are referring to it as the Winter Berry, it’s technical name Ilex verticillata, or calling it the Michigan Holly, this beautiful winter tree crates a bright red fruit that can brighten up even the darkest winter corners. The Michigan Holly is a rather short tree, but a symmetrical one at that. This beauty can grow up to ten feet tall and ten feet wide. Their striking red fruit actually doesn’t even begin to bloom until the winter comes around. This makes for a great experience when getting outside for some fresh air in the winter.

The Colorado Blue Spruce

This tree us magnificent to look at with its blue-silver color being one of the most striking thing about it. The Colorado Blue Spruce reaches about 75 inches in height at full growth, growing about one to two feet per year until hitting that cap. This tree serves another purpose for privacy as well, since it’s so tall and can have a large width as well.

The Chinese Witch Hazel

This tree creates yellow and orange foliage that can last well into the winter and are pretty easy to find since they are small and very frequent in our area. The Chinese Witch Hazel only reaches about ten to 15 feet in height, making it a shorter tree, and what is referred to as a dwarf tree. While that seems pretty tall for humans, it’s not quit the same yard stick for trees.

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