4 Steps to Fall and Winter Tree Care

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September 21, 2020
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Getting ready for the cool-weather season can include a number of things. Maybe you are looking for fun Halloween decorations and ways to spend time with friends in a post-pandemic world. It could include buying winter coats and holiday shopping for your friends and family as well. While all of these things are important, tree and shrub care are equally as important.

Arguably, it’s the most important. It would be tough to wait out the winter and then have spring and summer arrive just to find out that your trees and shrubs are revivable. If you love your greenery just like we do at Go Green Lawn and Tree Care, get a jump start on your fall and winter protection for them today. Here are some ways we recommend going about that.

Winter Guard

Moisture is extremely important when it comes to the health of trees and shrubs. Winter guard is similar to a coat that you would put on to protect yourself from the winter cold. It’s basically a coat for your trees and shrubs. Ice, wind, and below freezing weather is what warrants an application of winter guard. And if we are being honest, that happens more often than not in Michigan. With an application of winter guard, you won’t have to worry about it blocking the nutrients when spring rolls around. This treatment breaks down naturally with the passing of winter.shrubs in landscaping with stones

Trunk Injections

This is one way to get a head start on pest control for the upcoming warm season. When you choose trunk injections as your form of tree and shrub protection from insect infestation, you will be choosing a more eco-friendly approach. It limits the impact on your surrounding environment, including your pets and children.

Deep-Root Fertilizer

This process is something we often recommend to our clients that have new trees, struggling trees, or trees that have had health problems in the past. These types of trees and shrubs are usually much more susceptible to the negative effects of the harsh winter. The deep-root fertilization treatment process involves injecting fertilizer below the base of the roots, about 14″ inches beneath the base.

Dormant Oil

A layer of protection for your trees and shrubs to be safe from insects, pests, and other harmful creepy crawlers that try to make your greenery your home. Having this application done in late winter can boost your trees and shrubs’ ability to fight off an insect infestation. Getting a jump start on this will allow it to be an unappealing place for insects to live.

Ready for Fall & Winter Care for Your Trees and Shrubs? Call Go Green Lawn and Tree Care Today!

When winter rolls around it isn’t the time to slow down your care for your trees and shrubs. It’s actually the time to ramp it up so your greenery will flourish again when the warm season rolls around. Let the professionals at Go Green Lawn and Tree Care give your trees and shrubs the boost they need to live a long and healthy life!

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