Common Fall Pests and How To Keep Them Out

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Do you ever wonder why there are so many bugs crawling on the inside of your windows every fall? It’s because the change in seasons triggers many pests to begin to seek out new locations to overwinter. If your house is not sealed properly, these fall pests can make their way into your homes where they will spend the winter. They will re-emerge in the spring, and you’ll find them crawling in your windows and up your walls.


Asian Lady Beetleasian lady beetle

Asian lady beetles resemble the common ladybug, except they are an orange-ish color instead of red. They are also an invasive species intentionally released in the US to hunt and kill aphids on farms. They are pretty harmless but can emit a foul stench when squashed, so use caution. 



Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs spend the warm seasons in boxelder trees. In the fall, they come down to look for friendly, coze places to spend the winter. They are thin, elongated beetles with red stripes that usually cause a panic when seen in the kitchen window. As creepy as they are, boxelder bugs are completely harmless. 


Cluster Flies

Another annoying fall pest is the cluster fly. Cluster flies are different from houseflies in that they are much slower and larger. They fly around like they are bloated from the last meal they ate and are much easier to hunt. They gain entry into your home through vents, cracks, and rips in screens. 


Brown Marmorated Stink Bugstink bug on a leaf

The infamous stink bug is another insect that begins to wander when the temperatures start to dip. Usually, you’ll find them under your melons and squashes in your garden, but once the fall arrives, they can be seen gathering on sides of buildings and inside your home. These big, fat, gray beetles are indeed scary-looking but are harmless except for the foul odor they emit when killed. To get rid of stink bugs, use a vacuum to suck them off windows and walls then dispose of the contents outside.


Protect Your Home From Fall Pests

Uninvited pests are a real pain in the neck, but they can be prevented. All you need to do is make sure your home is well-maintained.


Seal Your Doors

Doors are the main entry point to your home. Over the years, with shrinking and expanding, many doors do not seal properly. Sometimes you can even see daylight through the cracks. This is a very easy way for pests to gain entry into your home. Installing a door sweep or adding weather stripping can help prevent fall pests from crawling under your doors.


Repair Your Screens

Screens don’t last forever, and it’s always a good idea to get them repaired right before fall when pests are on the move. Go around your home and check every screen for rips, tears, or fraying and get them fixed right away.


Move Debris Away From Your Foundation

In the wild, fall pests will overwinter in stumps, under rocks, in leaf litter, and in woodpiles. Before you finish up your fall chores, make sure you have no litter or piles of leaves close to the foundation of your home. Firewood should be stored at least twenty feet away from your home and never stored inside.


Put All Food in Storage Containers

Ditch the bags and clothespins: Store all your food in sealed storage containers instead. And they are easier to access, better for storage, and help keep out weevils and other curious, hungry bugs. This is also a good plan for pet food.


Invest in Pest Control Services From Go Green

When fall pests start to invade your home, call the pros at Go Green Lawn & Tree Care. With our specialized perimeter pest control program, we can keep your home and family protected from fall pests.

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