Create a Full Lawn With Aeration and Overseeding

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Lawns are meant to be used and abused — no one wants to have a lawn that they can’t host fun events like graduation parties or backyard barbeques. But when wear and tear become built up, it can easily turn into a sparse, thin turf that looks like it’s been neglected, even when you’ve done your best to take care of it. 

Aeration and overseeding could be your turf’s lifesaver but is often overlooked because the common homeowner with little experience isn’t normally familiar with the process. 


What Is Aeration? aeration machine

Essentially, the act of core aeration is getting down to depths of your turf’s soil and making holes or air pockets to loosen the soil. The benefits center around creating a space for your soil to relax, move, and have proper room to accept all of the nutrients you are giving it. This process helps your turf deep down, including drainage, thatch, soil structure, new growth, and more. 


What Is Overseeding?

After the process of aeration, your turf isn’t going to be magically healed. While it gets the process moving and starts paving the way for healthier turf, overseeding gives it the boost it needs to begin growing a turf type that is more suited to the soil and environment in your home. Overseeding also greatly speeds up the process, helps to further prevent insect infestation and disease-ridden grass, and will overall create a fuller, more attractive lawn look that you have been hoping for. 


Combining the Methodsgrass overseeding

Without one, the other works half as well. Core aeration and overseeding go together like two peas in a pod. Once aeration has occurred, the overseeding will create soil contact with the seeds to have a higher chance of germination from the seed, resulting in a better lawn outcome. When thinking about combining these methods, autumn is the best and most effective time to have them done, so that your soil can be better prepared to come back in the spring with a better starting point. 


Go Green is Ready to Build Up Your Lawn!  

Give Go Green Lawn and Tree Care a call when you realize your turf needs a little boost before the fall weather arrives. Our expert lawn care personnel will assess your lawn before deciding the perfect path of lawn care for you and your lawn. 

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