Top Tips to Help You Prepare Your Michigan Lawn for Spring

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February 24, 2020
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Here in Michigan, spring could either be just around the corner or a few months away. Either way, preparing for lawn care strategy for the spring is a great idea. Use this time wisely so you can be prepared for spring lawn problems like weeds, lawn debris, mosquito infestations, and more. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your Michigan lawn for spring.

Early Spring Lawn Cleanup

Keeping your lawn clean in the early spring is an excellent way to set it up for some quick, early growth. At the end of winter, it’s not unusual to find lawn debris throughout your property. Windy winter storms and leftover leaves accumulate over the winter and, if left to fester, cause lawn damage in the spring. Leaves, sticks, and twigs are harbingers of lawn diseases and turf-damaging pests, so removing the debris is extremely important. By removing all lawn litter, this gives the lawn the best opportunity to start growing as soon as possible.

Beat the Weeds This Spring

Prepare your Michigan lawn for spring with some early weed control to keep chickweed and other invasive plants off your property.
Everyone’s biggest lawn headache in the spring is an early weed infestation. These ugly plants cause stress to your existing grass, stunting growth and damaging the lawn’s immune system. An early weed infestation often leaves the lawn vulnerable to other dangerous threats, like pests and diseases. To prepare your Michigan lawn for spring, it’s essential to get off to a quick start with your weed control and prevention.

Pre-emergent herbicides are the best way to get an early handle on the weed problem in Michigan lawns. Pre-emergent weed control targets the weed seeds that have been overwintering in your lawn but haven’t sprouted yet. The application halts the majority of those seeds from sprouting, freeing your lawn from the effects of an early spring weed invasion. For the best results, make sure you call for weed control services near you.

    Common Weeds in Michigan Lawns:

  • Henbit
  • Common Chickweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Shepherd’s Purse
  • Dandelion
  • Purple Deadnettle

Prepare Your Sprinklers

An important way to prepare your Michigan lawn for spring is to set up your sprinkler system.
Irrigation is an essential part of maintaining a lush, healthy lawn. Without water, the lawn suffers from drought stress, leaving it vulnerable to pests and diseases. In order to prepare your Michigan lawn for spring, you have to prepare your sprinklers. Right now, your sprinklers are hopefully still winterized. When the temperatures start consistently staying above freezing, you can turn them on again. Make sure you do this slowly, turning on one zone at a time. This allows you to easily locate any issues. Ruptured pipes and damage sprinkler heads are common issues found in the spring. Make sure the system is up and running quickly so you can provide your lawn with all the water it needs.

Spring Mosquito Prevention

Here in Michigan, and for much of the country mosquitoes are more than just annoying backyard pests, they’re incredibly dangerous too. Infections of mosquito-borne illnesses are on the rise and with new threats like eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), the time to start planning mosquito prevention is now. Putting together a mosquito control plan is a great way to prepare your Michigan lawn for spring.

A great way to prevent mosquitoes in Michigan lawns is to focus on breaking their lifecycle. Targeting their breeding areas is key. Early spring, before the temperatures rise, is a great time to monitor the lawn for any areas where water may pool or collect. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water where they hatch and develop into full-grown mosquitoes in as little as 7 days. The simple act of going out every week and dumping out any standing water goes a long way in reducing and controlling the local mosquito population. Investing in outdoor pest control services near you, including mosquito control, is the perfect companion service to your efforts.

Go Green Lawn Care Helps Keep Your Grass Healthy All Year

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