Giving the Gift of a Complete Lawn Care Program From Go Green Lawn & Tree Care

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The holidays can be a stressful time of the year for people everywhere. Searching for that perfect holiday gift seems to get more and more difficult each year. This year, try something a little different when it comes to your holiday gifts. Give the gift of a complete lawn care program from Go Green Lawn & Tree Care. Brighten up someone’s year with a healthy lawn that they don’t have to worry about.

Perfect Timing

A lawn care program is only as good as its schedule. Here at Go Green, we’ve developed a 7- Treatment Fertilization and Weed Control Program that ensures the lawn gets the right treatments at the perfect times. The perfectly spaced applications provide the lawn with a consistent schedule throughout the growing season.

Seasonal-Specific Treatments

While timing is important, it’s also essential to get the treatment right. Each of our 7 applications is specifically designed to give the lawn exactly what it needs at that time of year. Each season brings with it different challenges for our turf, it’s up to us to take on those challenges.

The program begins with a treatment in the early spring that helps root development, helping the lawn wake up after being dormant all winter. Three treatments throughout the summer help the lawn take on the tough conditions of our Michigan summers. Two fall treatments help the lawn recover from the harsh summer and prepare for winter dormancy ahead.

Boosting Lawn Health by Beating the Weeds

Consistent weed control and a healthy lawn is possible with a lawn care program from Go Green Lawn & Tree Care; the perfect holiday gift for Novi, MI homeowners.
A lawn that’s free of weeds is a healthy lawn. Weeds can be devastating to a lawn. They grow quickly, crowding out the grass and weakening the lawn’s immune system. These thieving plants steal nutrients and minerals from the lawn, resulting in an overall decline of health.

Here at Go Green, we work hard to beat the weeds and prevent them from coming back. Using well-timed pre-emergent herbicides, we can create a neutralizing barrier over weed seeds, preventing them from taking root. Post-emergent spot treatments throughout the year eliminates weeds that have managed to sprout. In the end, the lawn will be weed-free and healthier because of it.

Give the Gift of a Complete Lawn Care Program From Go Green

Level up your gift-giving this holiday season with the perfect holiday gift by giving someone you love the gift of a complete lawn care program. Here at Go Green, we have carefully designed our 7 Treatment Fertilization and Weed Control Program to give each lawn the best care possible.

Call us at (248) 387-6296 or get a free estimate here. Get the best lawn care, tree care, and pest control tips from the pros at Go Green Lawn & Tree Care by checking out our blog. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our holiday deals and news.

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