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June 18, 2019
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Mosquito control in Michigan

The weather is finally starting to feel like summertime and nothing reminds you more of that than the hordes of mosquitoes that attack you whenever you step outside in the evening. You spent a lot of time on lawn care and you can’t even enjoy it! With the incredibly wet spring we had, mosquito numbers have exploded. There are a few summer mosquito control steps you can take to prevent them from using your yard as a breeding and feeding zone. 

Controlling mosquitoes is an essential part of spring and summer pest control. It not only reduces the population in your yard but reduces the chances of you or your family from catching mosquito-borne diseases.


Make Sure Your Screens are in Good Shape

If you are having an outdoor gathering, then there will probably be people going in and out of your home. This is how mosquitos slip inside your home. One way to reduce the chances of you being fed on while you sleep is to make sure your screens are in impeccable shape. It also helps to keep lights near the doors off.


Use Natural Scents

Natural oils and scents like lavender, citronella, tea tree, and thyme are natural mosquito repellents that smell great. Mix the oil of your choice in a spray bottle with water and apply as needed. 


Switch to Bug Lights

It’s hard to have an outdoor party without any light, but lights attract mosquitoes and other insects. Keeping a light on is like ringing a dinner bell for mosquitos. To keep them at bay try installing a few bug lights. These give off a deep yellow glow that is not as attractive to mosquitoes and reduces your chances of being attacked. 


Eliminate Their Breeding Areas

One of the most effective methods of summer mosquito control is also one of the easiest. If you remember what you learned in school, that mosquitoes need standing water to breed, then you should be in good shape. What most people don’t realize is that standing water can be found in the strangest of places including flower pots, wheelbarrows, tires, plastic tarps, birdbaths, and ponds. If you see standing water get rid of it immediately!


Protect Your Water Features

Sometimes you can’t eliminate standing water. In cases such as animal water troughs, fountains, and pools, you’ll have to use alternative methods. Adding fish to ponds, properly chlorinate your pool, and adding in larvicide tablets, can help protect your precious water features from becoming mosquito breeding zones.


Install Bat Houses

Bats are natural enemies of mosquitoes and they are fascinating to watch. Add some entertainment to your yard by installing a bat house or two to encourage these mosquito eaters to move into your yard and help control the mosquito population.


Call the Pros

Are you losing the war on mosquitoes? Are there just too many for you to handle? Then call the pros at Go Green Lawn & Tree Care. Our mosquito control program protects your yard year round with our multi-step treatment process.

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