Summer Lawn Maintenance: The Common Causes of Summer Lawn Stress

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For most Michiganders, summer is not a season of stress. Instead, it’s a season for boating, golf, camping, hiking, and going “up north!” For our lawns, however, summer can be a season of stress. Unfortunately, the dry heat isn’t the only thing that causes strain on your lawn. Here are some common causes of lawn stress and the summer lawn maintenance you can do to protect your lawn.


Lawn GrubsLawn grubs are a menace to any Novi, MI lawn during the hot summer months, making summer lawn maintenance essential to the health of any lawn.

During the early summer months (late May/early June), the Japenese beetle will dig into the ground to lay its eggs. About two weeks later, the eggs will hatch into one of the most common summer lawn pests in Michigan, grubs. After hatching, the grubs are hungry and ready to feast. They’ll spend their entire summer feeding on the grass roots closest to the surface. As they age, the feeding gets more aggressive, causing further damage to your lawn.


As much of a pain as grubs are, they’re easy to identify. If you find large portions of your grass fading in color, dying, or if your grass feels soft when you walk on it, you may have a grub infestation. Because grubs chew through the grass roots, you should be able to easily separate the grass from the soil to look for those white, c-shaped pests.


If you find you have a grub infestation, you’ll want to act right away. At Go Green, we have a grub control program that not only eliminates grubs, but also prevents them from returning. Keeping your lawn protected, all year long!


Lawn Diseases

Summer is an opportune time for lawn diseases to attack, as stressed lawns are vulnerable. The high levels of heat and humidity create a prime environment for the disease-causing fungi in the soil to attack, leaving your lawn looking brown and sickly.


Three of the most common lawn diseases to watch for in Michigan are:

  • Brown patch – Most commonly found in cool-season grass like fescues, this disease appears when temperatures are in the 75-85 degree range and humidity levels are high. It will appear as circular areas of dead/dying grass, with a gray ring surrounding the outer rim.
  • Summer patch – Most commonly affecting bluegrass, this destructive fungus infects the grass root’s vascular system, leaving them with little to no chance of surviving. The damage looks similar to brown patch, except you will be able to notice the grass blades brown from the tip to the base.
  • Pythium blight – Affecting all cool-season grasses, blight occurs when excessive amounts of moisture sit on your lawn for 8 or more hours in a day. The fungus will kill the grass quickly, making it appear brown and matted down, a telltale sign the disease is present.


These diseases spread rapidly. As soon as you identify the presence of lawn disease, implement protective measures right away. At Go Green, our disease control service helps you identify the disease that’s present in your lawn while implementing protective measures to prevent further damage from occurring. Lawn disease control and prevention is an important part of any summer lawn maintenance plan.


WeedsAn invasion of dandelions and other broadleaf weeds is bad for any Novi, MI lawns, making summer lawn maintenance a must, to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free all summer long.

The three most important things to the health and appearance of your grass during the summer months are air, water, and nutrients provided by fertilizer. When weeds appear in your lawn, they take those nutrients from your grass and use them for their own growth and germination. The more weeds there are, less nutrients are available, and your grass will continue to struggle.


Other Pests

Unfortunately, grubs are not the only pest that can cause damage to your lawn. Nutrient sucking pests like chinch bugs, billbugs, and scale insects will attach themselves to the grass stems and cause extensive damage. It’s often difficult to distinguish between insect damage and disease damage, as they look similar. The experts at Go Green are trained to distinguish which type of insect has invaded your lawn, and what the best protective and preventive measures should be put into place. Read more about our surface insect control service here.


Need help with summer lawn maintenance? The staff at Go Green Lawn & Tree Care has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you!

Contact us here, or give us a call at (800) 800-LAWN to hear more about our lawn care programs. Call us today and get that lush, healthy lawn to enjoy, all summer long!

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