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May 2, 2019
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Keep ants from invading your home this spring with our best spring pest control tips.

Spring Pest Control: Winning the War on Pests Before it’s Too Late

Springtime in Michigan is one of the best times of the year. With temperatures on the rise, the trees are blooming, the grass is growing, the birds are singing, and summer is so close, you can almost taste it. While all these are great things about spring in Michigan, it’s important to know that the rise in temperatures also means a rise in pest activity. The chances of seeing pests like ants, spiders, silverfish, and earwigs inside your home are higher, and just the sight of one of these pests can send shivers down your spine. Spring pest control will help you set a pest-free foundation for the year to come.


The good news is that you can be ready. The following tips are what you can do right now to win the war on pests.


Outdoor Pest Control

Prune your trees away from your home so you can keep outdoor pests from getting into your home.

There are four things you will want to do outside of your home to prevent pests from coming inside:

  1. Seal up cracks and any openings along your home’s foundation. Examine the exterior of your home and look for cracks, holes, gaps, or rot in your home’s foundation or siding. Seal or replace any possible pest entry points. Remember: some pests need no more than a quarter of an inch to be able to break through!
  2. Keep firewood, bricks, and stones away from your home. When stacked, firewood, bricks, and stones create the perfect habitat for pests. If you keep these stacks near your home, the number of pests that will have easy access to your home goes up significantly. To be safe, stack these items elsewhere — ideally 10–15 yards from your home.
  3. Trim trees and shrubs away from your home. When trees and shrubs extend and touch your home, they provide another easy access point for bugs to enter. Prune or trim the branches away from your home (and especially your roof) to eliminate that possibility.
  4. Cover trash bins. Another way to keep pests from coming near your home.


Indoor Pest Control

Check your windows so you can keep pests like ants, spiders, beetles, and roaches out of your home this spring.

There are just three things you will want to do on the inside of your home to prevent pests from getting in:

  1. Keep the kitchen clean. It’s the most attractive area in your home for pests. There’s food in the pantry, in the trash, and on the counter — all attractive to pests. Empty the garbage frequently, keep all food (including pet food) covered, and wipe down countertops and stools.
  2. Inspect doors, windows, and screens. Inspect these areas for cracks and gaps, as those will be a draw to pests from the outside. This is very common with window screens, so be sure to check those thoroughly (especially in the corners).
  3. Reduce humidity. Similar to the kitchen, your home’s basement is another attractive area for pests because of the humidity. Pests love and need the moisture provided by humidity. Reduce this by keeping the windows closed and sealed on hot, humid days; by running fans; or by running a dehumidifier.


Perimeter Pest Control

The best way to keep those unwanted pests from coming into your home this year is to give the professionals at Go Green a call. We offer a variety of outdoor pest control services, including:

  • Perimeter pest control – An insect shield around your home that prevents pests from getting anywhere near your home.
  • Mosquito control – Great for the late spring/early summer, when these pests really get going. Our multi-step treatment process will eliminate and prevent mosquitoes from bothering you all year long.
  • Flea and tick control – Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your pets from the numerous diseases these pests carry.


Do you need help keeping pests away? Go Green Lawn & Tree Care has the expert staff to help you.

Contact us here if you need help with your spring pest control, or give us a call today at (800) 800-LAWN to hear more about how we can help you win the war on pests once and for all. Receive your free estimate today!

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