Your Michigan Spring Cleaning Checklist

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February 26, 2019
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Prepping Your Yard For Spring
May 2, 2019
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get your yard ready for springAs temperatures slowly begin to rise, Michiganders are starting to venture outside like bears after a long hibernation. A lot of us can’t wait to get back to work planning our gardens and other spring and summer projects we have lined up. But, before you get to any of that, there’s some essential spring lawn care steps that needs to be done around the house to get your yard ready for spring.

Spring Cleanup

Cleaning your yard up in the spring is just as important as fall cleanup. Sure it’s time-consuming to re-rake all those leaves, where did they come from anyway? It’s important to remove leaves and branches from your grass before the growing season begins or you could kill your grass or encounter a host of other problems. Diseases like snow mold, dollar spot, and red thread are real threats here in our state. Don’t let debris linger too long in your yard.

Check For Shingle and Roof Damage

The roofs of our homes are important for keeping your house insulated. Any shingle damage sustained during the winter from ice, wind, or broken tree branches can result in a loss of heat, water damage, and a bigger heating bill. This is why you should always check the status of your roof every spring. Look for bruised shingles and clogged gutters to ensure that water doesn’t leak into your house this year.

Re-Apply Caulking

spring cleaning, caulkingAnother way to keep your house well-insulated is by checking your caulking. Caulk should be replaced every ten years for maximum effectiveness. Not only can you lose heat or A.C. but insects can slip in through the cracks and invade your home. Thoroughly inspect your home for cracks in the foundation or bricks and seal them up.

Aerate Your Lawn

Proper aeration can solve a slew of problems facing your lawn. A major cause of weak or unhealthy lawns is soil compaction. Soil compaction occurs when there is too much foot traffic and too much thatch. This prevents water, oxygen, and nutrients from getting into the soil, essentially starving and suffocating your grass roots. Aeration solves this problem by punching small holes into the turf and allowing airflow into the roots, loosening up the soil.  

Apply Weed Killer and Fertilizer

Getting an early start on weeds can make a huge difference in the health of your yard. Weeds are not only a nuisance and an eyesore, but they also compete with and crowd out your turf grass. At Go Green, we offer a 7 step lawn care program that tackles weeds early and feeds your lawn the fertilizer it needs for a healthy start.

Call The Professionals

Lawn care is hard work. Take a break this year and let the pros at Go Green take care of your yard. Call us at (248) 387-6296 or leave us a message on our site.

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