The Advantages of an Early Spring Deep Root Feeding

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ways to revitalize soil around trees and shrubsTake a minute to think about all that you’ve invested into taking care of your trees and shrubs… You’ve invested your hard-earned time, money, and resources, and you have done so with good reason. Trees and shrubs are an important part of any landscape! They add beauty and value while providing environmental benefits by reducing pollutants and improving the quality of the air we breathe.

When it comes to preparing your trees and shrubs for spring, one of the best things you can do is fuel them with a deep root feeding treatment! This is a process where essential nutrients are injected directly into the ground around your trees and shrubs. Those nutrients are then delivered directly to the root systems, promoting new growth and improving the overall health and vigor of your landscape.

Here are some advantages to an early spring deep root feeding:

Replenishment of Lost Nutrients

The winter months are tough on trees and shrubs. Between the snow, ice, winds, overwintering pests, and freezing cold temperatures, important nutrients will be lost. By utilizing an early spring deep root feeding you can replenish your trees and shrubs with those lost vitamins and nutrients to ensure a healthy, lush, and vigorous growing season.

 landscape services in michiganImproved Soil Conditions

Along with benefiting the root systems, the deposited nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous, mainly) will also revitalize the soil around the trees and shrubs. This creates an environment that encourages growth throughout the spring, summer, and fall season.

Greater Resistance to Disease, Drought, and Insect Infestations

In an urban setting, when trees, leaves, sticks, or twigs fall to the ground they are usually removed. As a result, trees and shrubs can become nutrient deficient. This can cause their natural defense systems against disease, drought, and insects to weaken. Through a deep-root feeding, those lost nutrients are returned to the root systems and the soil. This results in significantly greater resistance to those environmental stressors.

At Go Green Lawn and Tree Care, we offer a variety of services to help you get your lawn and landscape ready for spring. This includes our early spring deep root feeding service! If you’re looking to give your trees and shrubs essential nutrients, to promote their health, strength, and beauty… Give us a call today at (248) 387-6296. We can help!

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