Should I Apply Dormant Oil To My Trees and Shrubs?

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dormant oil to protect plantsOne of the biggest threats to your trees and shrubs this winter are pests. Scale insects, spider mites, and lace bugs, just to name a few. These pests will latch themselves onto the plant and will either suck out their fluids/other essential nutrients or feed on the leaves and branches, eventually killing the plant. They will also lay their eggs on the branches, resulting in further damage once those eggs hatch in the spring.

The best way to protect your trees and shrubs from damage caused by pests is to apply dormant oil. Dormant oil is a natural, effective way of eliminating pests on your plants and preventing them from returning.

What Is Dormant Oil?

Dormant oil is a highly refined, natural mix of petroleum oil and water. Some mixes replace petroleum oil with cottonseed oil, but both are effective. Once mixed, it is applied directly to the plant to eliminate and prevent insects, mites, and their eggs.

Safe For Humans, Lethal For Target Pests

Dormant oil is not a poisonous substance; it is safe to humans, and most wildlife. Instead of poisoning the target pest, the oil creates a thin layer of film, which covers the pests breathing tubes, eventually killing the pest.

Effective Against Eggs, Nymphs, and Adults

dormant oil effective against over wintering eggsWinter weather in Michigan is already stressful enough on your trees and shrubs. The last thing they need is additional stress from overwintering pests. Thankfully, dormant oil is effective against overwintering eggs, nymphs, and adults looking to make your plants, their home for the winter.

Keep in mind; however, some pest’s eggs will be stacked on top of one another. If this is the case, one application may not get to all the eggs. A second application will be required.

Call The Professionals

At Go Green Lawn and Tree Care, we know the damage insects, mites, and their eggs can cause on your trees and shrubs. That’s why we offer an affordable and effective dormant oil application service to kill egg masses and protect against mites, scale, and more!

So, if you’re looking to protect your trees and shrubs from the damage caused by winter pests, call the professionals at Go Green, (248) 387-6296, We can help!


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