The Perfect Yard: A Gift For The Whole Family

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November 20, 2018
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January 23, 2019
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With Christmas less than two weeks away, the procrastinators out there still haven’t gotten something for that special someone. Instead of settling on a lame pair of slippers, a step counter they will use for a week then never use again, or a gift card, get them something that they can use all year.

A five-star lawn.

It’s the perfect gift for a parent or an in-law or anyone who needs a little help with their regular lawn maintenance. Take the work off of someone’s back this year with the gift of professional lawn care from Go Green Lawn and Tree Care.

Whether you are fighting crabgrass, trying to set up a fertilization schedule, or trying to keep out pests, with Go Green you can’t go wrong. Check out our list of services and give your loved one a gift they will remember (and use) all year.


What kind of fertilizer do I need? What N-P-K ratio do I need? When is the best time to fertilize my yard? These are complicated questions that haunt any homeowner. Take the guesswork out of someone’s hands next year with our 7 step Fertilization and Weed Control Program.

With our program, you will get specially optimized fertilizer applications specifically designed for each season. Beginning with our spring starter to get your lawn off to a healthy start.  Continuing with regular feeding through the summer and fall. Ending with a turf winterizer which provides your grass with the proper nutrients to get your lawn off to a running start come spring.

During the 7 visits, our technicians will also apply weed control to make sure crabgrass and dandelions don’t stand a chance.

Core Aerationhow do I aerate my lawn

Combine our Fertilization and Weed Control Program with our Core Aeration and Overseeding program for softer, fuller grass.

Aerating your yard is not something you should pass up on and the longer you wait the more your yard will suffer.

You see, after so many years of constant wear from walking, playing, and the weight of the lawnmower your soil becomes hard and packed. This rock-like soil makes it darn near impossible for water to soak in or roots to spread. The result? Your grass becomes yellow and hard and can eventually die, leaving patches of brown spots in your yard.

Now you’re probably asking “How do I aerate my lawn?”

You could buy an expensive piece of equipment that you drag behind your lawn mower that you only use once a year and your friends and family constantly want to borrow, or…. You could call us and let our trained professionals do all the work.

With our aeration program you can expect to see:

  • Increased air, water, and nutrient absorption
  • Loosening of thatch
  • Decreased soil compaction
  • Increased root growth
  • Improved drainage
  • Increased effectiveness of fertilizer and weed control

Tree Care

Trees are the biggest investment and arguably the most important and prominent features of your yard. From providing aesthetic beauty to sheltering us from the intense heat of summer, we here at Go Green understand that trees are very important to a homeowner. Take a look at our wide range of shrub and tree care options.

Dormant Oil Application: To kill insects that overwinter on trees and prevents them from laying eggs in the spring.

Needlecast Treatment: Blue Spruces are a Michigan favorite but recently have been in decline due to the spread of insects and fungi. Treatments are time sensitive and must be applied in the spring so if you or someone you know has spruces that are looking thin or losing needles contact us so a tree surgeon can diagnose the issue.

Apple Scab Treatment: The bane of Michigan apple growers. Symptoms of apple scab are first noticed in the spring as brownish-green spots on the leaves of apple and crabapple trees. If left untreated the spores can move from tree to tree. Our arborists will have to diagnose the disease before we begin treatment in the spring.

Deep Root Feeding: Traditional fertilizers just don’t cut it sometimes. They take too long to sink into the root system and it also fertilizes the plants around it, robbing the tree. That’s why we recommend deep root feeding. We use a special machine to inject nutrients directly into a tree’s root system. This encourages new growth throughout the year.

Check out or other tree care options.

Mole Control

Us Michiganders take great pride in our lawns. We spend countless hours trimming, pruning, manicuring until it’s absolutely perfect. Then one day, to your horror, you see mounds of dirt spotting the lawn you worked so hard on and you are having guests over for a barbecue in a few hours. What a disaster!

Well, it’s too late to fix your lawn now. It will take weeks and months to regrow that spot again and blend it back into the rest of your yard, and that’s only if there are no more moles digging around. What should you do?

You could buy one of the many varieties of traps that have been invented and re-invented over the years that essentially kills the moles as they pass under or through the trap. But finding a tunnel is hard and knowing if it’s active takes careful observation and then you have to place the trap —

CAREFUL! Don’t lose a finger! Just call Go Green and ask about our mole program. We’ll take care of the problem starting at only $80 which is cheaper than a hospital bill.


Pest ControlMosquito control in Michigan

From mosquitos to fleas and ticks, Go Green has an answer for all of your pest needs.

With our mosquito control program, you will be able to enjoy your backyard without fear of being eaten alive (or carried off) by mosquitos. Our professionals will make several visits to your home from spring through summer. Our targeted application kills larvae and adults so you don’t have to ever be bothered by mosquitos ruining your outdoor fun.

Ask about our perimeter pest control and make sure that your house is safe from ants, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, and other pests.


The Gift Of Peace Of Mind

Are you convinced yet? Give someone you love a gift they can really use and bless them with the gift of the best looking lawn from Go Green Lawn and Tree Care. Call us at (248) 387-6296 or leave a message today and get $150 off if you are a new customer.

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