Cool Weather Returns: Take Advantage And Winterize Your Yard!

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After a brief cold spell fall weather has returned to parts of Michigan this week, giving you one last chance to take care of any fall cleanup or winterization that needs to be done. Cold temperatures will return quickly so take advantage of the weather and make sure your yard is ready for winter.

Winterize lawn in winter months in Michigan

A Clean Yard Is A Happy Yard

Those piles of leaves that you left just sitting there until spring should be a priority. Not only do piles of leaves attract pests that could find their way into your home this winter but also kill your grass, leaving you with patches of dead grass in the spring.

Before you dispose of your leaves keep in mind that leaves make great fertilizer and mulch. Cover your flower beds with them to keep bulbs safe from freezing temperatures. Chop them up with a lawnmower to create some free mulch for your trees and garden.

Protect Your Investment With Dormant Oils

Different species of insects overwinter on the trunks of trees where they lay eggs and hatch in the spring. This can cause a great deal of damage and opens the door for your trees to catch diseases. An application of dormant oil in the fall or early spring can kill bugs and prevent eggs from hatching.

Keep Out Winter Pests

mice problem in michigan

Use this brief warm spell to give the outside of your house a good going-over. Make sure weather stripping and caulking are in good condition. Check for holes in screens or gaps in your eves where mice or squirrels might get in. Keep firewood and other debris far away from your house.

Go Green Lawn and Tree Care offers a variety of services to get your yard ready for winter. Call us today and let’s see what we can do to put your mind at ease.

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