Top 3 Reasons Why Fall Lawn Care is Essential

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Top 3 Reasons Why Fall Lawn Care is Essential

There are many things in life that are essential: Self-Care and Lawn-Care. The fall season is the perfect time to do both. Imagine how great you will feel about yourself when you can admire a beautifully manicured lawn that is ready for the harsh Michigan weather.

Here are the top 3 reasons why fall lawn care is essential for your quality of life and your home’s curb appeal:

   1. The Timing MattersFall lawn care lawn mower

Your lawn has been exposed to the sun and heat all summer long. As the weather starts to cool down in Michigan, the time is just right to provide your lawn with some TLC. Keep mowing to prevent the grass growth from getting out of control. Frequent mows can also eliminate weeds that tend to fester insects, disease and bacteria. The best strategy is to raise your lawn more and give your lawn a few careful once-overs to prepare it for the winter.

You may be ready for a break from mowing your lawn in September and October, but this is not the time to rest. Avoid letting your grass get out of control and allowing weeds to fester bacteria, disease and insect contamination. Set your mower a little higher and give your lawn a few more once-overs even when the weather is turning a bit colder. Ensure your grass does not get any taller than two and a half inches at a time.

  2. The Weather is Comfortable

Working out in the yard can be brutal when temperatures reach above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. But, during the fall, you have the convenience of catering to your lawn’s needs in cooler temps. In addition, this comfortable weather gives you the opportunity to aerate, fertilize and overseed. During aeration, your grass roots are provided with much-needed oxygen before the ground freezes. Fertilizing also provides the roots with the nutrients they need to maintain health and retain moisture when the ground dries. As a result, your grass remains healthy during the winter, ultimately fostering fresh new growth in the spring.

 3. The Leaves Need Your Attentionfall lawn care trimming branches

While it’s stunning to see the leaves changing colors in the fall, this is actually the perfect time to focus on clean-up. The falling leaves indicate that it’s time to prepare your trees, shrubs and grass for blooming in the spring. Minimize any potential damage to your greenscapes by raking up those leaves and trimming branches. Piles of leaves and scattered branches can attract insects, bacteria and disease that can be harmful to new growth.

Simplify the process of fall lawn care with the help of Go Green Lawn and Tree Care. Our professionals can lend a helping hand with winterization, aeration, overseeding and fall cleanup. Contact us today at (800) 800-LAWN to learn more.

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