5 Tips To Keep Your Late Summer Lawn Looking Great

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5 Tips To Keep Your Late Summer Lawn Looking Great

Late summer has officially arrived, making us all poignantly aware that fall is just around the corner. Yes, the colder weather is coming. However, many home and business owners are surprised to learn that these later summer weeks can actually prove the most threatening to our lawns, beds, and gardens. The season’s high temperatures and potential drought conditions can plague our grass and flowers, quickly turning our entire yard into a vast stretch of brown, crispy, hay.

It’s Possible To Have A Strong, Healthy Late Summer Lawn

Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to a dry, dead lawn throughout August and September. As we roll into the dog days of the season, giving your yard a little extra care and attention can protect it from the high heat and reverse any existing damage. Here are five late summer lawn care tips to help you achieve lush, green grass that lasts until the snow begins to fall.

1. Evaluate For Compaction

Assessing the current condition of your soil plays a vital role in preparing it to support healthy growth. One key factor to look for during your evaluation? Compaction. The warmer weather transforms our yards from mere grass into vibrant outdoor living spaces. This heavier foot traffic can cause both compaction and thatch throughout the lawn. Evaluate your property to determine if patches of condensed soil are deteriorating the yard’s look, feel, and health.

2. Aerate For Better Circulationaeration

If you do find compaction during your evaluation, it’s time to aerate. Aeration is a formidable weapon against the thatch and compaction that has been building up on your lawn since spring. A core aerator cuts through the compacted soil, pulling uniformed dirt plugs out of the yard. These “cores” loosen up the ground, allowing critical nutrients, air, and water to redistribute throughout the root systems for stronger, more robust growth.

3. Embrace Overseeding

Sometimes, aeration isn’t enough to reverse the damage incurred during the hot summer months. Enter overseeding. This process places new seed in areas with existing grass to reinforce a thinning, limp landscape. When correctly implemented, overseeding can fortify your lawn, helping it to fight off disease, drought, and insects.

4. Customize Your Fertilizer

Late summer fertilization can have a significant impact on the overall vigor of your lawn. Every yard’s soil composition is different, requiring a custom fertilizer mix for best results. A professional lawn care company can quickly determine your yard’s specific soil makeup and create the right fertilizer blend for optimal success throughout your lawn and beds.

5. Water Earlierwhat time to water your lawn

Many home and business owners don’t realize that watering schedules need adjustments throughout the summer months. The blistering mid- to late-summer temperatures can quickly scorch your grass and beds, making it vital to water every day strategically. Watering early in the morning minimizes the risk of evaporation. Turning the sprinklers anytime between 6 and 10 a.m. can help you achieve optimal results.

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