Tree care services:

Insect & Disease control programs-
Go Green will design a custom program specific to your landscape, growing environment and cultural factors.  It can be done to fit your budget and at the same time protect your investment.

Dormant Oil sprays for insect control, Disease sprays for Crab Apple (Scab) and Spruce Gall sprays.  Trunk injection treatments for Birches, Oaks, Elms, Austrian Pines and many others.

Late Spring / Early Summer
Systemic ornamental sprays consisting of broad-spectrum insecticides, disease and mitecide sprays.  Gall insect sprays.

Fall / Winter
Deep Root feedings, anti-desiccant sprays for winter protection on evergreen plants.

Treatment Details
• Scab treatments are done 3 times in the spring for apple scab and rust and pine diseases.

• Gall sprays are done in spring and fall for various gall problems.

• Trunk injections are specialty treatments injected directly into the cambium layer where trees receive their water and nutrients. These treatments are very useful for large trees.

• Deep Root feedings are a concentrated blend of slow release fertilizers with micro and macro nutrients injected under high pressure into the soil, for uptake.  This improves the overall health and vigor of plants. Healthy trees and shrubs are less likely to have insect and disease problems.